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I am a person who spends plenty of time outdoors thus my skin takes some punishment.  Add the fact that I am a woman in her mid-50’s and you have the classic “where did all these wrinkles come from?”  I am fortunate enough to have found my go to skin care line, Organique by JL Faces.  It has all the characteristics I need in a product - organic, simple to use, affordable but most important EFFECTIVE!  The powerful combination of the vitamin C serum and the DMAE lotion had a noticeable difference on the texture of my skin within days.  (Actually I noticed a difference in hours but hey, I know my own face.)  My hairdresser, who sees me up close regularly, commented on how good my skin looked.  That is when I knew the results were real and not just my wishful thinking. The gentle lavender scent is an added bonus.  I can do without a lot of things, my Organique products are not one of them!

Kat S