About Us


You may be getting older, but your skin doesn't have to show it

I would like to share a little background on myself and also what drove me to make my products available to you! Over the past 10 years or so I have taken on a completely all natural organic life style, with food, drinking water and cleaning products. So a few years ago it hit me, “why not do the same with my skin.” I had been purchasing and using various products for many years and over time they had become quite expensive. One day I read the label on my Vitamin C product and was very surprised to see how many ingredients it contained. With further research I found that some of the ingredients could be bad for your skin. Those ingredients being preservatives and chemicals. So I thought I would try making it myself.

At first, I started making my products for personal use and fell in love with the results after about a month. I then started making them for friends and family. They have not stopped asking for them since. Yes, there are similar products available but most are not made to order. They can also be very costly.

The quality of my Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) serum with Pure Hyaluronic Acid speaks for itself!

I love making these serums and lotions. It is truly a passion of mine and I am proud of the quality of ingredients in them. I have been compounding the facial serums and lotions for almost 4 years and have improved the formula over time. I have been through a few "recipes" and I have finally found the ones that I love. I will not use any fillers or harmful chemicals! I make them fresh to order as the Vitamin C will oxidize over time. They do not sit on a shelf waiting for you to order.

Everyone who has tried these products, using them routinely, has fallen in love with them. So from my friends and family and their friends and so on, I am proud to make these products available to you.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at info@JLFaces.com or if you would like to order, visit our store.


Joy Landesman